350# 12v All In Series Auto Feeder


350# 12v All In Series Auto Deer Feeder (1.2A.A)
Patent No: US D543,666S

These 350# automatic deer feeders are the best! Featuring the Boss Buck Simple Set Timer , and steel control box . This maintenance FREE patented Hopper design gives you the flexibility to feed corn in the Fall & Winter , and converts over to a Protein / Gravity feeding system in the Spring and Summer months when you need it most. Simply remove the extension from the 4 pc leg system and add the 3-Way Gravity Head and you are feeding free choice in minutes. It amazingly converts to a hanging feeder in seconds as well. This is the most user friendly , versatile Wildlife feeder system on the market today. Our double walled hatch LID tops this unit off in style, and function. Built oversized, this lid allows the hopper system to breathe, thus eliminating condensation while achieving ambient temperature faster than Steel or Fiberglass feeders.Perfect for feed pen set-ups that are not accessible by livestock or wild hogs.

NOTICE: Using salt based feed materials/blends through a Boss Buck control system will void the parts warranty! Salt based mineral supplements, such as Big Tine 30-06 mineral blend, will corrode and rust your feeder control box more rapidly than using corn, protein or other non-salt based feeds.

*Important Notice*: We highly recommend you use foot pads on all Boss Buck feeders to protect them from sinking into the ground. Boss Buck offers Standard and Heavy Duty feeder feet as an accessory for your convenience. Please use our foot pads or a suitable substitute to anchor down your feeder!

  • 350# Corn (approximately)
  • 300# Large Protein Pellets (approximately)
  • 4 Piece Leg System 100" for Auto Setup
  • 1/2" round - Powder Coat Finish (Black)
  • Hopper weight is 30 lbs.
  • All galvanized hardware
  • Converts from spin feeder to protein in minutes!!
  • Feeder dimensions: 34x34x32
  • Boss Buck VS Other Feeders Comparison Sheet #1


3 Way Protein Head Feeder Feet, Standard Shark Teeth Raccoon Repellent 12v & 6v Battery (Not Included) Varmint Cage Round Varmint Funnels (Not Included) Heavy Duty Feeder Feet Barrel Mount 12v Solar Panel
Product Item # Price Avail. Quantity >Shipping
350# 12v All In Series Auto Deer Feeder 1.2A.A $435.99 IN STOCK Ships Via Freight Truck: Click Here To Email For Freight Quote
Freight Truck
Battery, 12v - 7ah (Used with 1.2A.A) 4.12 $29.99 IN STOCK FedEx
New, Improved & Sharper Shark Teeth 1.36 $19.99 IN STOCK FedEx
3 Way Protein / Gravity Head 1.10 $64.99 IN STOCK FedEx
Standard Feeder Foot 1.24 $6.00 IN STOCK FedEx
Heavy Duty Feeder Foot 24.3 $15.99 IN STOCK FedEx
Varmint Cage, Round 1.VC $52.99 IN STOCK FedEx
Varmint Funnels - 3 pc. set 1.37 $24.99 IN STOCK FedEx
12v Universal Mount Solar Panel 79.12 $34.99 IN STOCK FedEx

Please Note:
All wildlife feeders (350#, 600#, 1200#) must be shipped via freight Truck. Please call 1-800-929-6244 M-F, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. or email us at Sales@bossbuck.com anytime with your shipping address and we will get an accurate freight quote for you.

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