Protein Lower Unit w/ 3 Way

Protein Lower Unit w/ 4 Way
Protein Feeder Lower Unit

Turn that old barrel into a protein feeder with Boss Buck's Gravity lower unit. Our patented design is the best 3 or 4-way system on the market. The unit has ports with 4" I.D. openings. Our unit is the most moisture resistant one on the market. Galvanized spun funnel is 11" deep, with a 6" steel drop tube making it 17" in all. Deep funnel design adds extra feed capacity to your drum.

22 3/8" Outside Diameter

Please Note: The 3-way heads are designed for feeders with three legs and the 4-ways heads are designed for feeders with four legs

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How To Build Your 55 Gallon Gravity Feeder

Cut the bottom out of a 55 gallon drum. Leave a 2" flange on the barrel bottom.

Elevate the drum so that there is at least two feet under it.

Insert the funnel with the spout facing downward. Use a 2x4 (or like object) to set funnel FLUSH WITH CUT SEAM in the bottom of the drum. They are a little tight fitting by design.

Lay the drum on it's side and drill two holes from the inside out. Insert two self tapping screws from the outside inward. Spin the drum and repeat at 180 degrees. This will permanently hold the lower unit in place.

Turn the drum upside down and apply a bead of silicone calk to the seam of the drum and the lower unit. Allow to dry overnight. Install Protein Head (3 or 4 Way) to the lower unit.

Install Boss Buck Barrel Band to the drum. Make sure Barrel Band is positioned so that the three way unit will be evenly spaced between the three legs. Tighten barrel band down for rock solid positioning on your feeder drum.

Top off with the 3" Steel Boss Buck lid for optimal longevity and rust proof performance.

Add legs, round or square material is fine. Must fit over 1" tubing legs on Barrel Band. Feed height for best results is around 40".

Product Item # Price Avail. Quantity Shipping
Gravity Feeder Lower Unit (3 Way w/ 10" Ports) 1.9.3 $95.99 IN STOCK
Gravity Feeder Lower Unit (4 Way w/ 8" Ports) 1.9 $95.99 IN STOCK
Funnel w/ 6" Stack Only 1.18 $39.99 IN STOCK
Shark Teeth, 3 Strip Pkg. 1.36 $19.99 IN STOCK

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