4 & 3 Way Gravity Head

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Inside Gravity Head Inside Gravity Head
Gravity Heads / 3 Way or 4 Way : U.S. Patent # 7,302,912

Units have ports with 4" I.D. openings for a deer's muzzle. Accommodates the largest whitetail. With our Patented Protein/Gravity Head you get the most moisture resistant free choice feeding system available on the market today ! The Custom Designed head features a 10 degree of angle, and a 1" overhang on the feed ports. The 10 degree pitch design requires a buck to tilt his head back when feeding. Thus eliminating any contact with the feeder hopper or feeder legs, preventing velvet antlers from being damaged. Each feed port has a drain hole to disperse any water that enters the tip of the feed port. Our patented design features an internal cone that dispenses the feed evenly to the feed ports. The adjustable height inner sleeve allows the user to control the feed flow of almost all feed shapes and sizes. Push it all the way up to virtually shut off the flow, or ease it down until you get the optimal flow on your favorite type of critter food.

Warning: Remove protein head when not in use / empty. Residue from corn/feed causes squirrels to chew on the unit when it's empty.

Please Note: The 3-way heads are designed for feeders with three legs and the 4-ways heads are designed for feeders with four legs

Gravity heads are Injection-Molded. We do offer a Roto-Molded Upgrade at $15.00 additional. Roto-Molded units are ideal for use with... High fenced properties, Exotic Species, Aggressive species, Hogs/Boars.

Boss Buck Gravity Heads are used to retro fit other manufacturers feeders by our customers. Generally a 4" pvc coupler is used or a heat gun. If the fit is loose the heating method is optimal. If the diameter is even then a coupler is the way to go.
Product Item # Price Quantity Shipping
3-Way Protein/Gravity Head w/ 10" Ports 1.10 $64.99 IN STOCK
Roto-Molded/3-Way Protein/Gravity Head w/ 10" Ports 1.10RM $79.99 IN STOCK
4-Way Protein/Gravity Head w/ 8" Ports 1.8 $65.99 IN STOCK
Roto-Molded/4-Way Protein/Gravity Head w/ 8" Ports 1.8RM $80.99 IN STOCK

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