Tripod Header II w/ Pulley

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Tripod Header II w/ Pulley

Heavy Duty steel header system is second to none. We use nothing but the best components to build this product. You can expect this part to over perform. Starting with our tool free thumb bolt tightening system. Our unit features our 1,000lb. pulley, used on our Hanging Feeder Tripod Systems. This is the safest method available today. By combining the pulley INCLUDED on the TPH2 unit, with the pulley on your hanging bail. This keeps the winch from free spooling and falling to the ground under load. This block and tackle style system is not only safe , and durable , it's affordable. Just add your pipe legs to build your own heavy duty tri-pod hanging system. We recommend 14' length for tripod feeder legs.

You can find a schedule 40 pipe that is 1 5/8" OD, it just needs to fit the INSIDE DIAMETER of the Tripod Header Unit.

For your safety, we recommend a total weight limit of 800 lbs., even though the rating for this unit is 1,000 lbs.

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