Simple Set Timer
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How many feed times can I set the timer daily?
The Simple Set Timer and The Timer both will set up to 6 times a day.

How many seconds does the timer set for?
The Simple Set Timer and The Timer both will set a duration of 1-30 seconds.

How do I set the timers feed times?
The Simple Set Timer has the instructions printed on the back of each timer. You can also view the instructions HERE.

When I set the timers feed times and duration it still only runs for 3 seconds. Am I doing something wrong?
The Simple Set Timer is automatically defaulted to 3 seconds when the TEST button is pushed. Even after you set the feed times and push TEST it will only spin for 3 seconds. If you would like to test the timers duration that you set, please do the follwing.

1. Set the Clock Time.
2. Set the Feed Time to go off a minute or two after the Clock Time.
3. Wait for the timer to go off to see if the timer spins for the duration you have set it for.
4. If the timer spins properly, go ahead a reset the Feed Time for the time you want it to go off daily.

Can the timer be reset back to the original settings?
Under the Program Button on the Deer Feeder Timer there is a small hole/button that is your RESET BUTTON. Timers are electronics and subject to occasional glitches due to electrical surges or an absence of electric power. Environmental issues also have an effect on electronics. Extreme cold and hot temperatures can cause electronics to temporarily malfunction. When the ambient temperature is not extreme, plug timer into an appropriate power source/battery. Depress the RESET BUTTON with a pin, tooth pick, or other pointed object that will fit the hole/button for 5 seconds. Allow the timer to re-boot to its original programming. Reset the programmed times you want it to feed and test it for its full range of functions again. In most instances, you will find that this will allow the Deer Feeder Timer to resume normal operating functions.

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