Comfort Zone Rifle 4x6 Blind
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Drip Line on CZ Blind Inside Comfort Zone Door Door Hinged Full Door Inside Door Window Inside Handle Bottom of Blind Door Handle Tower Steps Stair Rails & Ladder Stairs Full Porch 2'x4'
4x6 Comfort Zone Rifle Blind

Blind Construction

Tower Construction A fork, truck or tractor capable of raising the blind over 15' is required.
Custom ordered towers require pre-payment.
Allow 6-8 Weeks For Delivery

4x6 Gun Blind

Product Item # Price Avail. Quantity Shipping

Combo Units
4x6 CZ Gun Blind (Camo) w/ 5' Tower 1.46.C.5 $1,498.00 IN STOCK Freight Truck
4x6 CZ Gun Blind (Camo) w/ 10' Tower 1.46.C.10 $1,798.00 IN STOCK Freight Truck
4x6 CZ Gun Blind (Camo) w/ 15' Tower 1.46.C.15 $1,974.00 CUSTOM ORDER Freight Truck
Blind and Towers Only
4x6 CZ Gun Blind (Camo) Only (NO TOWER) 1.46.C $999.99 IN STOCK Freight Truck
4x6x5' Tower Only (NO BLIND) 1.46.5 $499.99 IN STOCK Freight Truck
4x6x10' Tower Only (NO BLIND) 1.46.10 $799.99 IN STOCK Freight Truck
4x6x15' Tower Only (NO BLIND) 1.46.15 $975.99 CUSTOM ORDER Freight Truck
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