Comfort Zone Rifle 4x6 Blind
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Drip Line on CZ Blind Inside Comfort Zone Door Door Hinged Full Door Inside Door Window Inside Handle Bottom of Blind Door Handle Tower Steps Stair Rails & Ladder Stairs Full Porch 2'x4'
4x6 Comfort Zone Rifle Blind

Blind Construction

Tower Construction

Our 8" x 8" x 1/8" Steel Self Leveling foot pads stabilize the blind tower and prevent it from becoming uneven due to sinking into soft earth. The self leveling aspects allow our towers to be even and stable on less than perfectly prepared stand sites. The 1 1/2" square tubing legs that connect the pads are welded on for Rock-Solid strength and durability.

Anchor Kit (1.10.KIT)

Tower Blind anchoring kit includes (1) 48" Steel Earth Auger, (18 feet) of 2.7mm Braided Cable, (4) Wire Cable Couplers and 7" Turnbuckle to tighten cable.

Kit allows you yo secure your investment to the ground. No more worrying if that big storm knocked your expensive blind over.

4x6 Gun Blind

Product Item # Price Avail. Quantity Shipping

Combo Units
4x6 CZ Gun Blind (Camo) w/ 5' Tower 1.46.C.5 $1,846.00 IN STOCK Freight Truck
4x6 CZ Gun Blind (Camo) w/ 10' Tower 1.46.C.10 $2,205.00 IN STOCK Freight Truck
Blind and Towers Only
4x6 CZ Gun Blind (Camo) Only (NO TOWER) 1.46.C $1300.99 IN STOCK Freight Truck
4x6x5' Tower Only (NO BLIND) 1.46.5 $546.99 IN STOCK Freight Truck
4x6x10' Tower Only (NO BLIND) 1.46.10 $905.99 IN STOCK Freight Truck
Anchor Kit for 10' Towers 1.10.KIT $49.95 IN STOCK FedEx
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