Grey Ghost Tree Stand
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Ladder Section
Grey Ghost Tree Stand

Have you found the perfect spot to hunt but couldn?t find a straight tree to hang your stand or climber? The adjustable Woodsey Too Treestands Grey Ghost allows you to hang your stand on crooked or leaning trees and still have a level platform. Finally a stand that you can quietly swivel and shoot those deer that seems to always sneak in behind us. Adjustable to almost 45 degrees. 360 degree swivel seat. Guaranteed 100% Noiseless. 500lb weight capacity. No Tools Required. Weighs only 30lbs.

Ladder Sections

With our stackable interlocking ladder sections, you can get to any height desired. No more tip-toeing your way up, our ladder rungs are bent so it pulls your feet away from the tree. 500lb. weight capacity. Each section comes with a ratchet and 96in. of strap.

Product Item # Price Avail. Quantity
Grey Ghost Tree Stand 113.1 $299.00 OUT OF STOCK
4' Ladder Section 113.4 $45.00 OUT OF STOCK
Replacement T-Screw Hanger 113.S $9.99 IN STOCK

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