Thank you for considering our dealer opportunities and expressing interest in Boss Buck products. We are excited to be working with you!


When you become a dealer, you become a fundamental part of the Boss Buck family. We pride ourselves in our ability to build a great business foundation with each dealer individually. We do so by providing them with a program that is simple and makes sense.


Some of the most prominent benefits you will see from our dealer program that allows Boss Buck to stand out within the industry include but are not limited to the following:


        **Strong profit margins

        **Free Freight Program

        **One designated Boss Buck representative to manage, maintain and service your account

        **Great warranties on many Boss Buck products

        **The first to know of new Boss Buck products and seasonal specials


Unfortunately Boss Buck, Inc. Does not offer any drop ship programs for dealers, volume dealers or distributors.


Please read through our dealer descriptions below to see which one best fits you. Thanks again for considering Boss Buck products!

Types of Boss Buck, Inc. Dealers


A Dealer is anyone buying Boss Buck products for re-sell. Dealer products are pre-packaged, unless they order at the free shipping level. When Boss Buck pays shipping, only pre-boxed products are sent boxed. These orders are shipped in bulk.

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  • Distributors do not offer competing lines of products.
  • Distributors are required to set up and service two new dealer accounts per quarter.
  • Distributors are required to provide Boss Buck with new dealer info.
  • Pricing is based on $30K bulk orders.
  • Feeders are un-boxed.
  • Blinds and some other items are pre-boxed.
  • Parts are purchased in case quantity only.
  • As a distributor you are required to sell and acquire new dealers/accounts to sell Boss Buck products in their area. Those dealers must also participate in industry trade shows throughout the year to promote Boss Buck in that region.
  • You must have the ability to package and ship products directly to your dealers when necessary.
  • Distributors honor our dealer price list and shipping policies.


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Volume Dealers sell competing lines and receive boxed feeders in (some) instances where required. Based on $25K minimum orders they receive an additional 10% price break. Volume Dealers are not required to supply other dealers or actively seek other dealers. Volume Dealer orders ship in bulk like Distributor orders unless specified.

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The Consumer Line is based on Box Store shipping and handling requirements. Consumer line items are packaged and bar coded for warehouse and point of sale tracking. All items are in a single package or master case packs. This line is designed to meet the specific needs of Box Stores and Distributor Programs.

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If you are interested in becoming a dealer for Boss Buck Inc., please click the link for which type of dealer you are interested in. Please read through the terms and conditions and fill out our online dealer application. You will be contacted by a sales rep shortly.

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