Deer Feeder Strategy for this Fall

It seems pretty simple–fill up the deer feeder with corn or protein pellets and sit back and wait for the deer to come running. In some cases that may happen, but most of the time it never quite works out the way we have in mind. It’s not that the feeder doesn’t work, it’s simply that deer are not programmed to eat naturally from something that is unnatural. However, the beautiful part about using a Boss Buck Feeders that the durability and ease of set up allows you to create and execute a deer feeder strategy that will lead to a way more successful deer feeder experience than competitors.


The Summer Effect


You would think we would learn by now that the activity we see around our game feeders in the summertime is not what we see during the hunting season. Yet for whatever reason, we tend to leave the feeders where they are. The University of Georgia did an intense study on deer usage of feeders which showed that deer, especially adult bucks, dramatically decreased their use of feeders during the hunting season. However, what wasn’t discussed was if the researchers moved the feeders to a more appropriate spot with changing landscape and deer behavior. Seeing how large metal feeders were used, the answer is likely no. However, Boss Buck’s line of feeders allows easy mobility so that as agfields are harvested and acorns drop, deer move toward the woodlots more, so can you move your Boss Buck deer feeder. By adjusting your feeder situation, when you likely adjust your treestand situation, you increase the chances of use of the feeder.



Nutrition or Hunting


Though the above makes a lot of sense to those using feeders primarily for hunting, you need to consider how you will be using your Boss Buck feeders on your property. For instance, if you are using your feeders with protein pellets during the spring and summer to supplement nutrition, then having the feeder within bow distance of your treestand come October (where legal) is not nearly as critical. What is great about the Boss Buck feeder is the high capacity and low-waste made possible by using the gravity-distribution tubes. For hunters who have used deer feeders in the past, the raccoon corn consumption likely exceeds deer consumption in most places. The innovative design of the Boss Buck Feeder Allows easy access for deer to consume the feeder contents, while making it difficult (but not impossible) for non-target varmints to eat away at the supply. As you plan your feeder strategy, consider the primary purpose and ensure you have a mobile feeder that is rugged, durable, and reliable this hunting season, like the Boss Buck 200 lbs Feeder.

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