No, we do recommend a 6 v 5 ah spring top high quality brand battery.

If your feeder kit is compatible with it there will be wiring on the back, and the side that the wires on the varmint buster will connect to.

You slide the battery in the side spring side first, and lock it in with the metal retaining bracket.

We recommend that the first time you charge the battery for 8-12 hours and disregard any lights on the charger. After the initial charge, you will want to charge the battery when it gets low and never charge the battery for longer than 24 hours.

The unit does not come with hardware for the legs. The legs actually slide in together and will stay, bolts or bailing wire can be used if desired.

Check and make sure you have a good AA battery inserted fully in the battery compartment in the back.

Yes. We do sell directly to the public.

Yes. We have a store located in Seagoville, TX. Please see our contact information HERE or CLICK HERE for a list of Boss Buck dealers to find the one nearest you.

Orders usually ship within 24-48 hours.

Your tracking information will be sent to the email address provided on your order. If you do not have an email address, please call (877) 269-8490. Tell your Boss Buck representative (when placing your phone in order) you need a call back with your tracking number when the order has shipped. A Boss Buck representative will provide this information.

Boss Buck Inc. and our distributors set up all dealer locations. You need to have a commercial store front business and sales tax ID number. Call or email us for the distributor nearest you.  Boss Buck reserves the right to determine how close Dealers are located to each other.  We do not want to crowd our Dealers together. Distributors are expected to honor the Dealer Pricing on orders picked up at their facilities. Boss Buck will direct Dealers to our Distributors when they are located closest to them.

(877) 269-8490
[email protected]

To find the dealer closest to you, CLICK HERE .

Yes, the total quantity will dictate final negotiated price. The higher the quantity, the higher the discount. To qualify for consideration of a discount on the smaller feeders (200# & 350#), you must be purchasing 10 or more. To qualify for the larger feeders (600# & 1200#), you must be purchasing 10 or more.

Please note: no discounts will be given during peak season months (January – April & July – October).

All Dealers and Distributors are free to decide their own discount programs. Boss Buck does not dictate MAP pricing to our Dealers. Their individual buying power dictates their ability to discount.

The warranty varies by each Manufacturer and product. Please see the product page for each products warranty.

The shipping charges vary depending on product and quantity. Please add any items you wish to purchase in the shopping cart and it will give you the shipping charge. If you are interested in ordering a feeder or blind, you can add the items to your cart, submit it as a quote and we will get back with you within 24 hours with the shipping charges. Or you can give us a call at (877) 269-8490 and a Boss Buck representative will give you a quote over the phone.

The Card Verification Value Code (CVV) is used to help authenticate transactions in card-not-present transactions (e.g. MO/TO and Internet). For VisaT and MasterCard®, the code will be the last three digits printed on the signature strip on the back of the credit card. For American Express, the code will be the four digit number on the front of the card above the account number. (VisaT refers to this code as CVV2, MasterCard® refers to it as CVC2, and American Express refers to it as CID)

Send it back to Boss Buck, not the Dealer. Call our customer service at (877) 269-8490.  You will be issued a Return Authorization number to print on the package, or instructed to exchange it at a Dealer or Distributor near you. We will work with you and the Dealer to determine the best solution to your issue.

Before returning a product, please call Boss Buck at (877) 269-8490 for a Return Authorization number. Please include proof of purchase, full name, phone# and shipping address if you are exchanging or having a product replaced.

Please see each product page for FAQ’s about that product. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered in the FAQ’s, you can
EMAIL or call (877) 269-8490 and a customer service representative will assist you.

You will need either a 12V (Item# 1.5bb) BB Conversion kit. We also have a 12V Directional Conversion kit (Item# 1.DFBB)

You will need either a 12V (Item# 1.16) Drum Mount kit. We also have 12V Complete Drum Mount kits available and include the battery and drum mount solar panel. In addition to these, we offer a 12V Directional Feeder box for 55 gallon drums (Item# 1.DF).

No, there is no warranty offered on the feeder box itself. However, there is a 1 year warranty on the motor from the day of purchase and a 2 year factory warranty on the timer. You will be required to provide a proof of purchase when sending back any feeder motors for testing and diagnosis. The timer has a date stamp on the back label which we use to determine warranty status.

No, you will need to order directly from Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s to receive the Free Ship to Store benefits. You may order online or over the phone.

Yes, we do offer a military discount of 10% off your purchase with a valid copy of your military ID.

If you purchase one of the lower units w/3 or 4 way gravity heads: The distance from the barrel to the bottom side of the gravity head will be between 17 1/4 to 18 3/4 inches, depending on where you have the inner sleeve on the neck of the gravity head set when adjusting the feed flow.

Feeding any salt based mineral supplements will corrode and rust your feeder control box more rapidly than using corn, protein or other non-salt based feeds. Using any salt based feed material through a Boss Buck control system will void the parts warranty. Also, moisture can cause your control box to rust over a much longer period of time.

Under the Program Button on the Deer Feeder Timer there is a small hole/button that is your RESET BUTTON. Timers are electronics and subject to occasional glitches due to electrical surges or an absence of electric power. Environmental issues also have an effect on electronics. Extreme cold and hot temperatures can cause electronics to temporarily malfunction. When the ambient temperature is not extreme, plug timer into an appropriate power source/battery. Depress the RESET BUTTON with a pin, tooth pick, or other pointed object that will fit the hole/button for 5 seconds. Allow the timer to re-boot to its original programming. Reset the programmed times you want it to feed and test it for its full range of functions again. In most instances, you will find that this will allow the Deer Feeder Timer to resume normal operating functions.

We recommend a feeder to every 50 acres.

There are many factors that can be effecting the results you get when introducing new feeders to wild deer. Here are some things you can do to help expedite the process:

1. Place the feeder in or right next to the woods. This is a must! Deer are not comfortable in the open and will hesitate to utilize feeders located in wide open areas.

2. Scent Control – Make sure you do not contaminate the area or the feed with your human odor.

3. Add an attractant scent/flavor to your corn to make it more enticing and desirable to the deer. The aroma will attract them from longer ranges and recruit more deer to that location.

4. Feed Flow – Make sure the feed flow is set for the material you’re feeding. Ensure that your gravity head is adjusted down enough so that the corn or protein can flow freely from the hopper to the ends of the ports constantly. If the head is pushed up too far, it will restrict the flow and require the deer to work much harder to get feed out of the feeder. Once they are acclimated to the food source/new feeder, this will not be as big of an issue when feeding corn.

5. Time – It will take time and the steps listed above being observed to see deer activity at your feeders. It takes some time to get deer used to new things in their environment but be patient, cover your bases and they will start emptying your feeders, no problem!

Yes, they are paintable but the surface is non-absorbent and the paint will wear off over time. The HDPE material also has a separation agent in the molding process to help it separate from the mold. This Teflon like coating makes it hard for anything to stick to our blinds and feeders.

If you’re having trouble getting your spinner plate off of the motor shaft, I suggest using a punch style blunt tipped object that is slightly smaller than the shaft and a hammer to drive the motor shaft out of the spinner hub. Remove the nuts holding the motor to the top of the control box. It is tough to get a seized spinner hub off the motor shaft from time to time when it gets corroded. You might have to use some force but it should work and come free and fall into the bottom of the box. Putting a piece of wood or something inside the box to support the top will also help to keep the box from flexing, freeing the motor faster.

Motor shaft Hubs on the Swing Door Slinger are SS304 (stainless steel) to prevent corrosion

Yes, if they are left empty for any period of time, some varmints in your environment may be triggered to chew on certain parts of the feeder hopper. This behavior is triggered when they can smell the feed residue inside the hopper which is what they’re trying to get to. We highly recommend removing all low hanging tree branches near the feeder to prevent them from jumping to the top and chewing the corners/edges of the hinge lids, leg channels, etc. If you have a protein/gravity feeder system, we also recommend removing the gravity head while the feeder is empty.

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