NEW 80# & 160# Floating Fish Feeder
160# Floating Fish Feeder

NEW 80# & 160# Floating Fish Feeder
80# Floating Fish Feeder

Floating Donut

Introducing the NEW 80# & 160# Floating Fish Feeder by Boss Buck - Arriving Spring 2018!!

Choose from 80 and 160 Pound Capacity of floating fish food. The 58 3/8" diameter of our patent pending float design is extremely stable in high winds and stabilizes the full weight of the feeder at full feed capacity. Our iconic Boss Buck Camo Granite affect rotomolded polyethylene material is Kayak strong! UV Protected for a long term Outdoor lifetime Our unique GATOR back design on the top of the float prevents turtles and other animals from climbing onto the float to access the feed. The rotomolded material has a mold rejection agent and Teflon like SLICK surface that is too slick to climb, wet or dry! Each float contains two sets of leg holes to adapt your choice of the Boss Buck 80lb. or 160lb. Fish Feeders.

Custom hardware on the floats restrict the legs from unwanted movement for the ultimate in buoyancy and stability. The 12v broadcast and digital timer technology distribute hollow pelleted fish food in a 15 to 20 foot diameter radius. (See Diagram B) Adjustable rate feed flow allows the unit to be adjusted for optimum delivery of the correct amount of fish food. Each unit comes complete with a 12v Solar Panel, 12v Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable battery and anchor kit to create a perfect offshore, dock free, fish feeding system. The two custom molded in anchor rope holes create a loop system to launch and land the feeder to fill and maintain. No more raccoons and pests on your dock or boat house pooping on your dock or boats.

Anchor Kit System Includes- 100 feet of braded nylon anchor rope, (1) 36" Bank Anchor with rope eyelet, 3" x 3/8-16 Eyebolt, (2) Fender Washers, and (1) 3/8-16 nut.

*(Not Included) Common Cinder Block Anchor. Average cost at Lowe's or Home Depot $3 (freight cost to ship make it prohibitive to include with the kit)

How it works: Insert one end of the rope from the bottom of the float, through one of the two molded in float holes. Tie a knot in one end of the nylon rope. String rope through the installed eye of the bank anchor. String rope through eyebolt on cinder block. Complete the LOOP SYSTEM by guiding the end of the rope through the bottom of the second hole on the float and tie a not in it. This completes the LOOP FEED ANCHORING SYSTEM. (See Diagram A)

Deploying the unit requires the cinder block to be anchored off shore. Depth and distance from the anchor will determine each individuals anchor point. One side of the rope is pulled to land the fish feeder and the other side re-launches the fish feeder to its anchored position over the cinder block in the pond/lake. (see diagram A).

Broadcast Radius: RPM setting on the Simple Set Timer and gap between the nozzle and spinner plate allow the diameter to be increased or decreased. The optional Varmint cage accessory affects the broadcast diameter as well.

Establishing a feeding program that utilizes high protein pelleted feed is essential for any lake where a fishery is being managed for trophy fish! In lakes that are managed, fish are stocked at a higher density. There is less habitat and resources available so growth expectations are greater versus lakes that occur naturally. Therefore, supplemental feeding is needed to grow trophy class fish.

To meet the needs of the fish species stocked, supplemental high protein feeding is required, approximately four pounds of feed per surface acre per day. Feeding at this rate will result in fish that grow at higher rates and have more frequent and prolific spawning events. Using feed that is high in protein is equally important, especially for carnivorous fish e.g. Largemouth Bass, Catfish and Crappie.
Floating Donut

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