NEW Feeder Corn Screen

HD Corn Screen

NEW - Boss Buck "HD Corn Screen" Go ahead & buy the cheapest fresh from the field picked corn you can find. With the "Bulk Corn Screen" you can fill your Automatic and Gravity (Protein) style feeders and never worry again about cobs, stalks, sticks, grass hoppers and large trash that is picked up by the combine during harvest. Our SUPER HEAVY DUTY screen is guaranteed for a lifetime! Works awesome with the most powerful of auger blowers used in bulk feeder and storage bin filling from the farm or feed mill. Needless to say, it is awesome on bagged bulk corn that is no cleaned during the bagging process. Can be transferred to & from each feeder to fill without having to purchase multiple units.

Construction: Heavy Duty #9 - " Expanded Metal Sifting Grate that measures 5" deep x 10" wide Inside Dimensions. All welded and powder coat painted UV stable finish. Framed with a SUPER strong 1" x 1/8 " angle iron frame that measures 13" x 14 " Outside Dimensions.

Product Item # Price Avail. Quantity
HD Corn Screen 1.CS $14.99 IN STOCK

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