Feeder Feet
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Feeder Foot, Standard
Don't let your investment sink in the mud. Get a set of these heavy duty 6" square, 1/8" thick steel plates. Complete with a 3/4" stake hole to prevent critters from spreading the legs. The stake hole goes to the outside of the feeder and accepts up to 1/2" rebar stakes. These inexpensive accessories are a welcome addition to your feeder investment. The feet are sold individually, not in sets.

All feet are sold individually, not in sets.
Feet will fit all Boss Buck feeders!

For Example: You will need 3 Heavy Duty Feeder Feet for the 350# feeders and 4 Heavy Duty Feeder Feet for the 600# and 1200# feeders.

Sale Price $5.00 Each
Regular Price $7.00 Each
    IN STOCK!    ITEM # 1.24
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