12v Box Mount Solar Panel

6v Box Mount Solar Panel
Box Mount Solar Panel, 12v & 6v

Heavy Duty steel mounting bracket make this unique design impervious to squirrels and coons. Pairing this with the rechargeable 12 volt batteries completes a virtually maintenance free feeding system.

:: Mounts to any flat sided control box.
::12v Solar Panel 3 1/2" x 7" - 70 MA - 1.26 watts - 18 volts
::6v Solar Panel - 9 volt , 70mA , .72 Watts
:: 2 year warranty
:: Polycrystalline

Box Mount Solar Panels

Keep a set of windex wipes handy to clean corn dust of the panel. The mounting design makes it impossible for raccoons to dislodge wires and damage your charging system. This easy maitenance keeps system charging for years and stops loss to critters.

Product Item # Price Avail. Quantity
Box Mount Panel, 6v 1.17 Sale Price: $7.99
Reg. Price: $25.00
Box Mount Panel, 12v 1.15 Sale Price: $19.95
Reg. Price $35.00
12v Box Mount Solar Panel 12v Box Mount Solar Panel 12v Box Mount Solar Panel 6v Box Mount Thumb Bolts

Free Ship To Store is only available for 12v Drum Mount Solar Panels (79.12)
U.S. Residents Only

Drum Mount Solar Panel

Box Mount Solar Panel Piggy Back Connectors
Drum Mount Solar Panel, 12v & 6v

This drum-mount 12V Solar Panel for Feeders comes already assembled, complete with mounting bracket, hardware and wire guard varmint shield. Wire nuts have Boss Buck's exclusive thumb bolts for tool free mounting of wire guard to the control box.

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