2,000 lb Winch
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Winch Gears Winch Cable

1,200 LB Winch w/ Hook & Cable

Winches are engineered and built tough to be used in a variety of applications. All gears are heat-treated high carbon SAE 1050 steel. Reel and pinion gear shafts turn on oil-impregnated bearings for smooth operation. Winch frames are embossed for added strength. Zinc plating fights against corrosion. Marine Grade - Designed to withstand years of rigorous use.


I recommend a double pulley system with all hanging feeders. Single pulley, direct pull set-ups are un-safe and much harder on your equipment.

*The Boss Buck winches are not a worm gear fitted system. You would need a worm geared winch if you intend to use a drill motor to crank up your unit. Otherwise the drill motor winds the cable on the Boss Buck winch too fast and it does not distribute evenly on the spool.*

$59.99        ITEM # 39.2
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