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Perfect Lid ( Bass Pro Review )

I bought one of these for one of my 55 gallon drum feeders and it was a great, snug fit. The fact it is galvanized and has a 3" depth makes sure it will last a long time and rain won't be able to enter the feeder. Would definitely buy more but they are always sold out every time I go back to the Bass Pro store near my house.



Very happy ( Bass Pro Review )

This was exactly what I wanted. Other reviews said the same. I would definitely get more. Seems like an excellent company!!



Boss Buck Lids ( Bass Pro Review )

Heavy, sturdy and keeps your feeder dry. The lid is heavy enough that coons and squirrels can't get in but is easy to get off and refill the feeder. Great product



Excellent Quality Product ( Bass Pro Review )

The Boss Buck galvanized steel 55 gallon funnel is a must have for protein, corn, or grain game feeders whether gravity fed or spinner. The funnel fits perfectly into a standard 55 gallon drum and allows any product to flow freely to the spinner or gravity feeder. It prevents the product from clogging and creates a smooth flow. Don't buy the plastic funnels out there. Buy this thick steel funnel by Boss Buck. You will not regret it!



Loved it fit right ( Bass Pro Review )

funnel works great easy to install now no more old corn in bottom of barrel



Great accesory for Feeders ( Bass Pro Review )

This funnel is a must have for your Deer feeder's!! No corn will be left in your feeder vs the small cones that come with all Feeder motors.



Totally Awesome funnel ( Bass Pro Review )

These funnels are awesome. Exactly what I needed. No feed will be sitting on bottom of barrel waiting to rot and mold. No clogging up due to clumps of old feed becoming a massive plug. Will also make barrel last longer. These are all metal no plastic funnels. I will not build another feeder without using one of these funnels. They are That good.



Strong enough to take on the biggest Heifer ( Bass Pro Review )

We have a deer lease in South Texas (Doss) this is going on our second season. Both years our feeders have been taken down by Cattle. We thought for sure they were done for good this year as the battery was knocked out of the timer box and we have had considerable rain this year. Not only did the feeder hold up but the battery and solar panel went right back to perfect performance. Would recommend this feeder to anyone in the market to invest in a great season. I always say you get what you pay for and these products have surpassed my expectations!







Exceeded my expectations for a feeder ( Bass Pro Review )

I purchased this feeder because I was tired of feeding coons, coyotes, squirrels and anything else that walked by. I killed my biggest buck ever by pouring corn on the ground. Mature bucks do roam, sometimes long distances. He filled his belly and dropped dead. Since then, I purchased a feeder and began feeding corn. I have switched from corn to protein pellets. I have never seen this kind of progress in my deer herd before. They have larger bodies and look healthier. Had all bucks for six months, just had my first doe show up this week.



Great Feeders ( Academy Review )

I have 5 of these feeders and they work great. It did not take long for the deer to get use to it and the coons, opossums and other cant get to it.


huntnut - July 10, 2018

Good product

Works as stated easy to install saves a lot of money and works fine will buy again

4iou - April 26, 2018

Best lower protein feeder.

This is the 2nd feeder/lower unit that i have purchased and very pleased with the results on an 55 gallon metal barrel. Also added Boss Buck barrel leg kit and metal lid, an I now have a 2nd 350# protein feeder using Double Down. Deer Love it for year round feeding.

Arson1 - April 14, 2018

Only feeder I will buy

I have had my Boss Buck 200 over a year now and I couldn't be more pleased. I've had zero issues with the weather, clogs, etc. I did have some hogs roll it 3 times and it stood up to them like a champ. My only regret is that I did not buy a bigger one.

MRSherm - March 14, 2018

Great product

We have 7 boss buck feeders on our property.no problems with corn or protein feed great product.

Oldman16 - January 24, 2018

Best feeder ever

I bought this feeder last April. I have it setup in a field. No problems with squirrels or coons. Just birds and deer's. Deer love and feel right at home around. Highly recommended and I am actually buying another 1 to put at other end of field.

ByBuckeye78 - January 18, 2018

Best Customer Service,

Advantages: whitetails prefer these feeders over any other, no noise, limits competition with 3 holes, company will resolve problems, easy fill height for 50lb bags, no batteries " I have multiple Boss Buck Gravity Feeders I feed Corn/Protein out of. I had 1 issue at first which Boss Buck resolved. I couldn't be happier with the product. I am blown away by the willingness of the company to stand behind their product and resolve any issues. "


SQUIRRELS - December 20, 2016

Big and Easy

I had this put together in ten minutes. Unit is very manageable to carry by one person, without the legs. I hate assembly but this was easy. Legs slide in the sides and all you have to do is tighten. The feeder tubes adjust easily to accommodate corn and/or mineral pellets. Be sure and by the "feet" that go on the legs. If not, your feeder will sink into the ground since it holds 350 pounds. Lid locks down nice and tight with a clasp you can open with one hand. I couldn't be happier.


Chasinglongbeards - September 6, 2016

Not Cheap But Very Good Design

I have 2 of these and could not be happier. The barrel is a very good design and the timer is extremely powerful. The gravity feeder attachment also works great and is simple to change out.


bigbowshoota - August 16, 2016


I bought the 350# boss buck and put antler max and corn and set the tube height. within 5 days I had deer feeding out of the tubes. I also put 3 4x4 concrete bases under the legs. The coons just look up and scrounge on the ground. The feeder is great your feed will last a longer absolutly longer. means less trips to fill it up. don't be shy this boss buck 350# works great. you won't be dissapointed.


serpent007- August 15, 2016

No more raccoons!

Got rid of my "spreader" feeder and the 15 raccoons that were using it every night. With the leg baffles, they can't get to this one.


Crowell - July 30, 2016

Can't go wrong!

Well built, fits well, & easy to install. You can't buy the material, build, & paint it yourself for what you can purchase it for. Every Boss Buck product I have bought is quality & reasonable pricing.


Twoshooter - July 29, 2016

A Must Have!

I have a 200# Boss Buck Feeder. The instructions recommend feeder feet. After assembly of my feeder it is not hard to see that the feet are needed to stabilize the feeder. They are also easily used to anchor the feeder to prevent tipping from wind or critters. This is a highly recommended accessory. Very well made.


WVMtnMan - July 19, 2016

Saves in lost feed!

This replaces another brand. I am fully satisfied that this feeder will prevent varmints and deer from raiding the corn outside of established feed times. The timer mechanism attached quickly and easily to the feeder. I am using only 2 of the 3 sections of legs to be able to add feed without needing a ladder. It definitely needs the upgraded feet to make it secure. I added the varmint guard which will protect the solar charger. This is an excellent product that is worth the cost.


WVMtnMan - July 12, 2016

Excellent Feeder!

I have purchased a total of 3 Boss Buck feeders (2 - 350 # and 1 - 250 #) all gravity fed in the last three years and all are still doing the job. I just purchased the box mount panel 12v / varmint cage to add onto one of the 350 # feeders for the 2016/2017 season. The squirrels and raccoons are having a really hard time with the Boss Buck feeders as well. My wife and I plan to purchase the 600# feeders for the 2017/2018 season. Great products, recommend Boss Buck highly. Thanks Boss Buck, keep the great products coming.


PKM2 - July 5, 2016

Boss Buck Tripod Header II

"I love these things!! I have 5 of them and they are very ell made and strong. Just make shure you get strong pipes for the legs at lease 12-14 foot long"


emsemt911 - June 16, 2016

Easy to Assemble!

I bought this on sale to replace my tripod feeders. Deer were the primary culprits cleaning out my 200# of corn in a week. The Boss Buck assembled easily and is very sturdy. I especially like the spinner plate that will keep those deer tongues from cleaning out my corn. I ordered mine with battery, solar charger, and varmint guard. The varmint guard is more to protect the solar charger from damage from bucks' antlers. I'd definitely buy another.


WVMtnMan - June 7, 2016

Best Feeders / Great Customer Service!

These 1200 lb feeders are awesome. Once you fill them up don't worry about going back for a very long time! They are easy to set up, light considering their size, and easy to adjust for the deer. If your going to feed the deer year round, then this is definitely the way to go. I will spend more time hunting and less time filling. The local store here in Richmond, VA was very helpful in purchasing this unit and having it delivered. THANKS!!!


hawkeye661 - June 6, 2016

Best feeder on the market!

Purchased the 200# feeder a year or two ago and loved it from the beginning. Not only did the deer take no time to get use to it, it saved me money on the long run by not spilling all over the ground for varmints to eat up. Liked so well I decided to recently purchase another and look forward to buying more in the near future. The hopper is extra durable and the feeder is easy to set up and adjust the flow to the amount of corn you want to use. Excellent product and would definitely recommend to a friend!


Nate34 - May 25, 2016

Convert and watch them come!

I hunt in Louisiana and originally purchased two of the Boss Buck 200lb protein feeders without the Boss Buck Large 12-volt spin caster. I was somewhat concerned about ordering the Boss Buck Large 12-Volt conversion kit because the 200lb model was not listed as one of the feeders the kit would work on. I took a gamble and ordered one and it fits perfectly!!! During the torrential downpours in March of 2016 and subsequent flooding my feeder was totally submerged in water. I contacted Boss Buck and they offered to replace my motor and timer at a discounted rate. I also ordered my second conversion kit. I was concerned about maintaining batteries. I am feeding twice a day for 15 seconds on slow and my battery last for 1-1/2 months without re-charging. Before I installed my first kit the deer did not really like sticking their noses in the feed tubes. Since I installed the kit they will not stop coming...............convert and watch them come!!! I wish I could give this product 10 stars.


Bykoonduke - April 8, 2016


Just purchased two of the Boss Buck 200lbs feeders and I was not disappointed! They shipped quickly, and are extremely simple to put together. I only ran into one issue with the neck and the holes not lining up correctly on one of the feeders. It was a simple fix and something that rarely happens. I reached out to Boss Buck and received an email back that very same night around 11pm. The VP of the company (Tiffani) addressed my concern of the holes not lining up and offered to send a new neck out immediately. She was extremely helpful, and although I didn't need a new neck since I made it work, she was willing to do whatever it took to correct this minor issue. She is by far the most helpful and one of the nicest people I have dealt with in regards to customer service issues. I have set the feeders out in my woods with trail cameras around them, going to check in a week to see the results. No doubt in my mind these are the best feeders on the market and the best customer service around!


DeerHunter2412 - April 4, 2016

Buy with confidence!

I am fortunate that I get to see and use many products that are available to sportsman as the Field Gear Editor of a nationally circulated magazine. I personally use Boss Buck game feeders so I was not surprised after spending part of last years hunting season in a Boss Buck Comfort Zone 4X6 Combo Tower Blind that they have hit another home run with these hunting blinds. The durability, quality, and features of these blinds are second to none. If you are an archery hunter, such as myself, the vertical windows are an excellent feature. An investment in one of these blinds is money well spent.


GearReviewer - March 31, 2016

Boss Buck 350lbs Protein Feeder!

Just purchased (2) of the Boss Buck feeders. Great quality, assembled easy. Would recommend this product to anyone!


Hersey - March 24, 2016


I love how easily these feeders change from gravity to automatic. Great quality and built well.


NKYBowHunter - March 22, 2016

Great quality feeders!

These feeders are very well built. Last forever and I love how they can be switched from gravity feeding to automatic!


Tfinke - March 22, 2016

Great Product!

" Easy to assemble and works great. I would recommend to anyone who wants a protein feeder "


Awchristian - March 21, 2016

Best Feeder on the Market!

" If you don't have one, get one. Worth every penny not having to refill your feeder all the time. I will be buying another one!!!!!! "


MikeyPski - March 21, 2016

Great feeder!

" I bought this a couple of years ago. I am on the second full season of using it and it does exactly as advertised. The deer love it. I use the teeth and they do a good job keeping other animals off the feeder. I use AntlerMax with it and I believe that it is helping the health of the herd. I have owned my property for 4 years and all of my neighbors are telling me the deer are bigger/healthier than they ever have been. Great tool. Also - don't be afraid to go big. Filling it up is easy, carrying 50 lb bags isn't. So, going the full 1,000+ pounds is a recommendation. "


Addicted2Hunt - March 19, 2016

Great Product!

Very good protein feeder!


Bybslunder1968 - March 18, 2016

1200# feeder

Have had it for a year. Very durable, and works as advertised. 1200# is a lot of feed!. Good news is it lasts a long time between filling, bad news is that it is tall and hard for an old man to fill. Next one I get will be a 600#. I have two 350# feeders that also work great, just have to fill often. Deer love them.


Dantheelkhunter - March 18, 2016

Best Feeder!

" Boss buck sells the highest quality feeders with the largest capacity!!! They wont let you down. "


NKYHunter - March 16, 2016

Great product!,

" Hold up great and made exceptionally well! We use them here in Kentucky and love them! "


Tfinke - March 16, 2016

Great Product Honest People!

Love how many sizes boss buck feeders come in and the staff is very helpful on any questions you have.


NKYBowHunter - March 16, 2016

600 lbs feeder!

The solar charger for the 600 lbs feeder was hard to locate in the store but i contacted boss buck and was supplied with the information needed to order the solar charger great customer service


1216miles - March 16, 2016

Foot Pads!

had a question on witch foot pads would work on my 600 lbs boss buck feeder both will work on the round poles and square poles.these will help your investment not sinking into the ground and give it some stability great product


1216miles - March 16, 2016

Best Feeders on the Market!

Hold up great and made exceptionally well! We use them here in Kentucky and love them!


Tfinke - March 16, 2016

Best Feeder We Have Ever Had!

Feeder works great, flawless without any problems. Hold up and last well. I highly recommend!


Tfinke - March 2016

Great Design!

Feeder is very useful for protein in the spring and summer by using gravity and easily changed to an automatic feeder when you need it!


NKYHunter - March 2016


It don't get any better than this! You can't go wrong with these feeder feet!


funinthemud - March 4, 2016

Great Product!

Been looking for the perfect protein feeder head. This Product works great on my 2500 lb Protein feeder. The head i was using keep getting clogged up due to poor design. The Boss Buck product has the perfect design not to clog. Great Product. Dennis


Wingate - February 17, 2016

Good Choice!

This header is well made and heavy duty!


fishnmission - February 16, 2016

Great feeder!

" If you only want to feed deer (not hogs, coons, squirrels, etc.), this is the feeder you want. Fill it and forget it for weeks! Purchase and install the critter guards on each leg and watch your trailcam photos show only deer eating your feed. Interestingly, the deer figured it out within a couple of days. Purchase the feet for the legs and drive stakes through each one to prevent hogs from bumping the legs to get feed to spill out. "


GatorFanForever - February 2, 2016

The Boss!

Simple design, well made, and rugged. I use the gravity mode all year. Yes the raccoons enjoy the protein but don't destroy motors. Deer are lining up for the buffet with as many as 8 deer on camera. I will buy another Boss Buck for next season.


CHHOOK - February 2, 2016

Very Pleased!

I've had this 350# feeder in the field for about 18 months now and couldn't be happier. Very easy to set up. I stand in the back of my truck or on the back of a Rhino to fill it. If you have hogs on your property, you will want to buy the Shark Teeth strips and add them to the legs, it takes about five minutes to install them on the round legs with a cordless drill. Hogs knocked it over once before I added the strips but not since. Game cameras have caught small critters foraging for dropped feed on the ground but none actually on the feeder since the strips went on. No damage from critters so far. I mix 50/50 whole corn and Record Rack Golden Nuggets. Deer can't get enough.


Daniel12 - February 2, 2016

Must have item!

These feeder feet are must haves to keep your feeder legs from sinking and to anchor your feeder down to prevent it from tipping over.


WVlimbhanger - January 26, 2016

Great lid for a feeder!

This lid is way better than what you find on a metal barrel. It's heavy and will stay put. A flat top will not gather and hold water from a rain. Plus you don't have to fool with a lid band to open or close.


WVlimbhanger - January 26, 2016

Does the job!

Strong materials and a lot easier than having to cut, drill, or weld legs to a barrel.


WVlimbhanger - Jenuary 26, 2016

Great item!

I've always wanted a gravity feeder to make a corn/soybean mix for deer but did not want to take the plunge and buy a complete feeder. Having access to barrels and materials for legs I knew I could make one much cheaper. I first tried pvc pipe and other materials for the down spout. I was never satisfied with the end result. This lower unit is the ticket!!! It is easy to make your own feeder, 3 ports is great, and I like that I can adjust the flow rate of the feed. Now that I have one up and running, another is on the way.


WVlimbhanger - January 12, 2016

American Made!

I was in Academy Sports looking for another feeder, I was not impressed with the "other" brand I had. I came across the Boss Buck 200# combo feeder and decided to give it a shot. I have it setup as a gravity flow feeder for now, the setup was quick and easy. The protein feed I am using works great in the feeder, my dog was chowing down on it while I was clearing a path for access via a UTV. The customer service is great as well! I placed an order for the feet pads as well as the varmit guard cage and solar charger. The sales team caught a discrepancy in my order and called to verify my order before shipping.


edyturpin - January 2016

Great feeder!

It is always nice to find a product that is designed by someone who actually hunts. No batteries or timers just feed available when the deer want it. We have eliminated feeding hogs, coons and squirrels by the height of the feed openings and the use of the metal disks on the feeder legs.


NorthFloridaNimrod - December 15, 2015

Electric vs Gravity

This is a very well built feeder. I have both the gravity and the electric feeder. Where I can set these up close to home, I like the gravity feeders because I can check them more frequently. Overall I think I prefer the electric feeder because of the conservation of the feed. The deer gorge on the gravity systems so the corn lasts considerably longer in the electric system and still attracts the deer. My hope is that it attracts them at a time of day over the long haul.


1wcs - December 15, 2015

Only feeder I'll ever buy!

This is the only feeder I will ever buy from now on. Boos Buck has done a bang up job with both a quality build and design. I got the solar panel with it and it is extremely easy to instal and well worth it. Very good feeder, very impressed.


KingRanchShooter86 - December 8, 2015

No more feed stealers!

Finally something the actually works! No squirrels, no Coons, no hogs, just deer eating out of the feeder!


NorthFloridaNimrod - December 8, 2015

Perfect Fit!

It's a shame that when a purchase meets your expectations you're totally surprised. Sign of the times I guess. I drove to Cabela's 70 miles away to get this feeder part. Didn't have to take the leg mounts off the barrel to get it in or screw it in place once it was there. The weight of the feed will keep it in place. Put it in at an angle and then turned it to get the spout into the opening at the barrel bottom and voila! Extremely pleased with this product (and the price) and will recommend it highly to anyone that asks.


DeerBill - October 7, 2015

Excellent Deer Feeder!

Boss Buck Feeders are the best I've ever used. Easy setup, and quality made. I recommend purchasing this feeder. Thanks Boss Buck!


muzzy8 - September 30, 2015

Awesome Feeder,

" I have had this feeder for a little over 2 months now and its great! drawing in all kinds of deer here in south east Ohio. Would highly recommend this product and I will be purchasing another. "


Bjackson24 - September 1, 2015

Super stabilizer!

I have very sandy soil on my property and my feeders were sinking and in some cases falling over until I bought these....very easy to install and they absolutely serve their purpose! Great product!!


NCTexasDirt - September 1, 2015

Boss Buck!

Awesome product! Assembly and setup is very quick and easy. Overall very pleased with this feeder.


IndianaDeerSlayer - August 25, 2015

Great feeder - worked within two weeks

I bought two of these for my lease in Ohio. The feeders hold corn and pellets for about 8 weeks. They are strong and easy to put together. I will buy more in the future and probably bigger!


hawkeye661 - August 21, 2015


I purchased this feeder less than a year ago and am impressed with so many factors. It is a good value and works well. The customer service from this company is exceptional. When I had to send the motor in, they worked quickly to get me a replacement and went the extra mile to get me going again.


UPWARDCALL - August 18, 2015

Great Product!

This feeder is simple to set up in the field and the deer love it.


JeffGass - August 18, 2015

Great Feeder!

This is a great starter feeder, easy to setup and works great. The Deer have visited quite regularly over spring and summer with protein feeding. Can't wait to see how they react to changeover to timed corn feeding this weekend.


TD14 - August 14, 2015

Boss Buck Lids

Heavy, sturdy and keeps your feeder dry. The lid is heavy enough that coons and squirrels can't get in but is easy to get off and refill the feeder. Great!!


Jimbo777 - August 10, 2015

Dallas Cowboys Support Boss Buck

We have been exclusively using Boss Buck Protein and Corn Feeders at our properties in Missouri. The durability of the feeders and company support is unmatched. We at the Dallas Cowboys put our stamp on this product and will for a long time!


Rgrainger - August 6, 2015

Loved it fit right!

Funnel works great easy to install now no more old corn in bottom of barrel.


hogman - August 5, 2015

Excellent Feeder!

I own 2 of these feeders. One is the 350 lb and the other is the 200 lb feeder. Both work well. I have no problems with the 200 lbs lid with the screws but prefer the 350 lbs feeder's hatch lid. I use corn in them and they work very well


Kentuckydeerhunter - August 4, 2015

Top of the Line!

Wow this is one fantastic feeder, I really love that I can use the same feeder body for both corn and protein, and can switch between the two in under a minute. And rust is a non-issue for this rig, - no more rusty drums for me!


fifty scent - August 3, 2015

Easy to setup!

Love my Bossbuck feeders, very easy to set up and durable. Deer on my property were using it the day I set it up, more feeders in my future.


Dr Bubba - July 30, 2015

Now your gettin serious!

Excellent product to manage my feed program. It comes with everything I need to feed year round... That's the key to a good heard. Nice to see a quality American made feeder!


Booner - July 28, 2015

Great Feeder!

I have owned a 350# for a little over a year now. It really is a great protein feeder. It took the deer a little bit to get used to it, but now that they have, they come up and pop their noses right in there and eat.

One of the issues is hogs digging out from under one leg. Call Boss Buck and get three of their heavy duty feet, which connect to a T-post. Keeps it from being dug out under. Second issue is that hogs chew the little lip off that keeps feed from just dumping out. If you call Boss Buck for replacement, they are incredibly friendly and helpful. Incredible customer service!


4TsRanch - July 27, 2015

Highly recommend!

As a outdoor writer, I have the opportunity to work with many different products available to hunters. My experience with the Boss Feed 200# Combo game feeder has been excellent. The 200 series combination feeder is small enough to be portable, but large enough to hold plenty of feed of feed for extended periods of time. In automatic mode, the simple set timer is easy to set up and has many great features. In gravity feed mode, clumping is not an issue as small drain holes and a overhang prevent moisture from collecting at the end of the tubes. The Roto-Molded plastic construction of the hopper ensures a durable feeder over many years of service and the sandstone brown blends into its surroundings, nicely. There is no doubt that Boss Buck knows how to build game feeders. I would not hesitate to purchase one if a quality game feeder is on your list. The versatility that the Boss Buck 200# Combination feeder brings to the hunter is hard to beat.


GearGuy - July 23, 2015

This is a GREAT product!

We bought our first Boss Buck feeder about seven months ago. Since that time, we have been so happy with the results, that we have added another one to our collection. The deer have been hitting it daily and the pictures that we get at the feeder really show an interesting dynamic in the social activity of the deer. If you are looking for a feeder, I would highly recommend this feeder from Boss Buck!


IndyColt - July 16, 2015

Excellent Quality Product!

"The Boss Buck galvanized steel 55 gallon funnel is a must have for protein, corn, or grain game feeders whether gravity fed or spinner. The funnel fits perfectly into a standard 55 gallon drum and allows any product to flow freely to the spinner or gravity feeder. It prevents the product from clogging and creates a smooth flow. Don't buy the plastic funnels out there. Buy this thick steel funnel by Boss Buck. You will not regret it! "


Longshot1000 From Hampton, VA - July 10, 2015

Best Gravity Feeder!

The best gravity feeder I have ever seen. Durable and dependable.


Gatorboy863 - July 9, 2015

Great Product!

Tripod head worked better than expected. The head is heavy duty and the correct angle for the legs. I built a double barrel feeder and used 1 1/4 oil field pipe for the 15' legs. The pulley that comes with it is rated at 1000 pounds so it is strong enough for the 600 pounds of corn or water ever feed you chose to use.


Texfirehunter - July 8, 2015

These things are tough, reliable, and dependable!

So I'm going 80 mph down the highway and I did not secure my feeder in the bed of my truck (I know better than to do this). Well, one of the two feeders that I was transporting to my new lease flew out of the back of the vehicle and tumbled down the highway for a few hundred yards before reaching its final resting place on the shoulder. After I pulled over and retrieved it, I was amazed at the amount of damage to the feeder (really the lack there of). A few scratches were present, but the feeder is still operating like the first day I assembled it. It still looks great and now has some character and a funny story to go along with it. My point is if this feeder can take a hit like that, it will take just about anything Mother Nature can throw at it!!


Lmattaway From Thomasville, GA - July 2, 2015

You won't regret it!

Feeder was easy to assemble, easy to fill and easy for deer to start using it in about a month. I will be purchasing another one soon. I have wasted lots of money on others, but this one works as advertised


Merlin70 - Georgia - June 3, 2015

Great Product!!!

We purchased this feeder this past January. It took a couple of weeks for the deer to figure it out but ever since, it has been game on! We go through about 100lbs of corn a week. The bucks are already starting to show some good growth this year and even the turkeys have figured out how to get the corn out. Thanks Boss Buck!!!


IndyColt - May 27, 2015

Light Feeder!

It is a real durable feeder!


campB - May 26, 2015

Good Job!

Love these funnels! Just like the ones on my duck boxes. These bad boys keep the coons and squirrels off my feeders and save my corn from being wasted. Wish I'd have bought these earlier!!


OKcowboy - May 22, 2015

Great Product!

"Excellent galvanized design. Fits a 55 gallon drum pretty good"


mguthmann - Houston, TX - April 23, 2015


This feeder will not disappoint - it is heavy duty, easy to set up, and well designed. I opted for the solar panel to keep the battery charged and I love it! Many settings to choose from on the control box also. Well done Boss Buck!


Vossy - Michigan - April 21, 2015

Best Feeder Ever, Nothing Compares!

"I am a long time Whitetail Outfitter and I have seen every feeder imaginable. The boss buck feeders are what I choose to use no doubt about it. Unlike other feeders, the boss buck feeder is a solid structure with 3 angled feeding tubes that keeps the feed dry, which the last thing you want is seeing all your high cost feed wet and ruined. These feeders are light weight and very practical to move or set up with one person, which most of us understand this ease of use and appreciate it. I have many of the 350 pound feeders and 600 pound feeders. I use the 600 pounders at my high traffic areas. If you want to keep deer on your property and also supplement protein feed these are the feeders for you! If you haven't purchased one yet, purchase one, you will look back and think I should have got these years ago. "


Ckansas2015 - Kansas - April 20, 2015

Boss Buck 12 V Feeder

" I have been hunting for over 30 years. My advice to you is buy a Boss Buck 12V Automatic Deer feeder. This feeder is the best on the market and their customer service is second to none. If you go with another feeder you are wasting your money. "


kwguavapaste - March 30, 2015

Very Happy!

" This was exactly what I wanted. Other reviews said the same. I would definitely get more. Seems like an excellent company!! "


womenwhisperer - March 26, 2015

Best all-around feeder!

The Boss Buck feeder is the most versatile feeder I own. I feed protein from February till July, then switch the tubes out and feed corn thru deer season with the timer unit. You pay for what you get, and I would highly recommend this to any serious hunter!


Rarmstro - Louisiana - March 24, 2015

Honestly Very Impressive Feeder

This by far is the best feeder I have ever purchased.. With the amount of corn and protein this feeder will hold and the fact it is so easy to assemble and with it's quality this will be my feeder of choice going forward!!!


BigK23 - March 16, 2015

Best Feeder Ever!

I have owned many different types of feeders over the last 40 years, and none of them even compares with Boss Buck! The quick setup on this feeder is great and the quality is top notch. I would highly recommend this feeder to anyone!


rarmstro - March 5, 2015

Perfect Feeder & Great Price

"Love this feeder for my small mountain ground hunting spots. You can't go wrong with Boss Buck and I love the 200lb capacity. As always with Boss Buck this feeder is a great quality feeder perfect for us that don't have 1000 acre properties. Thanks Boss Buck for all the quality feeders and accessories!"


Bymkr150 - February 9, 2015

More Than Happy!

"I have several Boss Buck feeders. and could not be happier with them. They are very durable and I know they will stand tough for many years. Best feeders I've ever owned."


Duckman666 - February 9, 2015

Great Feeder!

"Very light weight and strong. Can use all season long with no maintenance. "


ken1020454 - February 9, 2015

They Work!

No more feeding coons and limb rats! Hooray!

NorthFloridaNimrod - November 11, 2014

Shark Teeth Success!

Kuddos to Cabelas for the availability of ordering Shark Teeth! Raccoons were a problem on the tri-pod of our deer feeder after putting shark teeth on the legs, raccoons no longer climbed the feeder. Our pear tree never produced pears for us the coons climbed the tree and stripped the fruit before we had a chance to pick the pears. After adding "shark teeth" around the tree' no more raccoons climbing and we got to harvest fruit first. Thanks for making this product available!


catsrnice - November 6, 2014

Great Feeder Attachment!

Absolutely love the ability to hang a feeder and feel safe after doing it. This device saves the hassle of carrying ladders, lugging bags...and saves a ton of lifting. Easy installation, fast setup and safety are all part of this device. Thanks for a great product!


RWVH - November 4, 2014

Serious Feeder!

Great quality, sturdy and will take a lot of punishment. I like the ability to change flow rates very easy. Will buy another when able. Easy to assemble right out of the box.


Mouljb - November 3, 2014

Great Feeders!

Just bought three more to add to the collection. Best on the market!


LaFrank - October 10, 2014

Great product & company!

This protein feeder is great! Easy to set up, easy to fill, and built to last for many, many years. Mine has been up for 6+ years and shows no signs of wear or age whatsoever. You can't go wrongwith this feeder.
I will also add that the customer service I have received from the folks at Boss Buck is second to none! They will do everything they can to assist you with your needs in a prompt, professional manner.


AB25 - September 10, 2014

Boss Buck

Great feeder....
I've had multiple mature bucks visit this feeder over the last few weeks, it works awesome. Thanks for carrying a great product.


Brian05 - September 9, 2014

High quality!

This is the first feeder I have ever purchased and I was truly impressed with the quality of the feeder when I opened the package! All of the pieces fit together perfectly and all of the parts were high quality and the design seemed to be well thought out. I will purchase another when I get ready to expand my hunting area!"


Texashogdaddy - August 28, 2014

Boss Buck 3-way Protein Head

Product works great and the deer love it's shape and size. I modified a existing 55 gallon barrel feeder and wsih I would have purchased the lower unit that would have included the funnel and drop tube however.


Bergyman - August 26, 2014

Just what I needed!

I have been wanting to build my own feeder due to the fact that I get 55 gallon drums for free from my work. After searching many websites, this seemed to be the best option. It works great, added EMC conduit legs and BLAM, got the beginnings of a feeder. I would definitely recommend this product. I even got a personal email from the Vice President of the company updating me on the status of my order. That is great customer service.


Draconis213 - August 26, 2014


I bought the 200lb feeder with the gravity feed head and it functions as advertised. This product is well constructed, light weight, and made in the USA. My only suggestion would be to buy the feet so you can secure the feeder to the ground as the black bear love this feeder too! I would definitely recommend this product and plan to buy an additional feeder in the near future.


Mattpa1 - August 26, 2014

Best Feeder-Boss Buck!

Assembly very easy and stands up with little effort. This feeder holds a lot of corn keeping you from disturbing the area and cutting down the total number of trips to fill it up. Very durable as witnessed cattle nudging the feeder before fence installed with no damage to the feeder. This is a feeder that will last year many years! Definitely worth the purchase of this larger feeder.


Mwinter - August 20, 2014

High Quality Last Forever

Had these on site for 2 years and no problems . Very high quality construction. I feed protein and never had any moisture collect of clogging


jriggs - August 15, 2014


The deer at my place are hammering my feeder, 150 class b/c bucks eat with no problem. Easy to put up and fill. I have had mine for 3 yrs and it shows no sign of wear, the best feeder i have ever owned, i have 3 of them.


cbcbcb - August 15, 2014

Great Quality

These are the best deer feeders on the market for the money and ease of use.


jriggs - August 15, 2014

Sturdy Feet

These feeder feet with a t-post through them wont let anything knock your feeders over. Solved my Hog problems, well at least them knocking it over. I highly recomend using these.


cbcbcb - August 14, 2014

Best feeder ever!

The quality of this "Made In America" feeder is excellent. Well thought out design and simple to operate. You can tell it's going to last a long time. I love the 600 pound size because i do not have to put added pressure on the deer by going in and out as often to fill a feeder. First class !


Racktion - August 14, 2014

Easy set up and easy to fill!

Set up time is minimal and filling them up is very easy. Great product, can't wait to see the results!


Hthomaso - August 14, 2014

Simply the Best!

I own a couple of these and I must say, the quality far surpass that of its competition both in craftsmanship and design. This protein feeder can withstand most anything and is also light enough that one person can set it up alone. We liked them so much that we purchased two for our spread.


RickyRicarrdo - August 14, 2014

Great feeder!

Easy setup and easy to fill...we'll worth the money and very high quality


Hthomaso - August 14, 2014

Great Investment!

Keeping Raccoons off of your solar panel and corn slinger are important. This cage pays for itself in the first year by saving corn and feeder damage!


Tnontypical - August 14, 2014

Keep'em at Bay!

I use these on both my feeders (Varmint Cages) and they do what they are suppose to do. Easy to mount with the provided hardware, and I installed mine in minutes. Now those little critters are no longer toying with my spinners.


RickyRicarrdo - August 14, 2014

Very Nice Package Deal

This product had just about everything I wanted including a very large holding capacity so I don't have to constantly refill it, 4-legged stability, excellent Boss Buck design and quality, gravity head AND timed feeder attachment for year round use. In addition I purchased the 4 square bases for the legs and cage to keep out the raccoons (which are all over it on game camera). Now I'm adding a solar panel for even less maintenance. Overall very pleased and highly recommend.


ExecDoc - August 14, 2014

I had this delivered to the store and it arrived in a couple days, faster than I expected. Was well packed, and very good materials and workmanship. Nice and lightweight. Assembly was a piece of cake with good instructions. I suggest you also order the "feet" to secure the legs in the ground so animals can't knock it over. Our local Texas wildlife biologist said protein supplementation is very good for the deer herd, especially in this drought.


FrequentHunter - August 13, 2014

Best Feeder on the Market

I've had several Boss Buck feeders and would not buy anything else. They are lightweight and easy to move, but also extremely durable. They last forever and are virtually trouble free. I also like the fact that you can convert them from protein feeders to broadcast feeders in seconds. The Boss Buck mechanisms are also terrific. Easy to use and never had any problems with them. Great products, great company.


perculator - August 13, 2014

Got my new Texas Two step all in 200# feeder, GREAT PRICE & shipped super fast. I read many reviews on this product before I purchased it & all the reviews so far are accurate. Please indulge me for a minute, very important thing to me is Boss Buck Customer Service. When you call them GUESS what? a live person picks up, I spoke to Sammie today 7/30/14 & she helped me out of a little jam I was in. No questions asked simply went above & beyond & took care of me in less than 5 minutes. I am in the Customer Service Industry & as an owner of a Company I found Boss Buck to be exactly what I stand for. Customer satisfaction 100% Thanks Boss Buck for a great product & Dicks for getting me the product to my door in record time.


idrathrb bonecollecting - July 30, 2014

The design is great. Works really well. Made in the USA, that's even better.


mad7mag - July 25, 2014

These days its hard to find a company and or a product that is built correctly and with stands the elements. I have several feeders but these units are by far the best and I plan on only buying these from here on out. Not only are they durable the company stands behind their product. I had a tiny issue with a couple screws and they sent them to me within 24 hours free of charge. Thats what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE. I highly recommend this product and will continue to buy this brand. -Gabe W.


WildcatEMAW05 - July 25, 2014

I have only had the feeder for a month or so but my experience has been great so far. Persistent cows pushed the feeder over and tried to get inside it. One leg was bent but the feeder itself looks as if nothing happened. The cows couldn't get it open to get to the feed. I called Boss Buck and their customer service was excellent. They got me the parts I needed very quickly. I would highly recommend this company and this product.


jkr5 - July 20, 2014

I have property in southern Ohio, and I live in NC, so I have a 500 mile trip to check on my feeders. Every time I would make the trip, my feeders batteries were dead, even with solar chargers. After three frustrating years of disappointment, and numerous calls to the manufacturer, I was about to give up on them all together. Then I purchased a Boss Buck 12 volt conversion kit and installed it on a competitors 450 lb. feeder. Next to buying a Boss Buck feeder to begin with, this was the best move I could have made. The Boss Buck conversion kit uses a heavy duty motor, has heavy gage wires, an easy to change fuse, and a controller that is very easy to program, all contained in a heavy duty, lockable housing. I can now leave my property knowing that my feeder will continue to operate while I am away. Thanks to Boss Buck, my feeder problems are solved.


ncdeerseeker - July 18, 2014

"I did some research on these feeders and decided to give one a try. I used the "free ship to store" option which was a great help. I have used many different feeders over the years and this is by far the best. The construction is second to none and once the deer get used to it, there's no turning back. The only problem you will have is keeping it full of feed and the deer love it! I like how the legs are spaced so as not to damage bucks antlers while in velvet. You may have to grease the feeder legs if you have coons in your area as they will try to climb on the feeder tubes. Boss buck makes critter guards for the legs if needed. I don't normally submit many reviews but in this case I made an exception because this is a good product. It may cost a little more but "getting what you pay for" definitely applies here."


BossBuckFan - July 17, 2014

"I am so pleased with my Boss Buck feeder. It only took about a week for the deer to realize that they could eat from it and they haven't stopped yet! The feeder is light and easily moved around when dry. The height is perfect for younger deer as well as older deer. I went from about 200-300 pictures of the deer on my property to 2,000 in about 4 days. So it has greatly helped me in planning my season that is coming up!!"


BunnDaddy - July 17, 2014

All year feeding, Works great proof is in the pictures!


Jbfast - July 12, 2014

One Tough Feeder
After using a smaller brand X the Boss Buck feeder is a blessing. Well made, easy to fill and absolutely no moisture of any kind on the feed and the customer service at Boss Buck has been great. All the animals also love it. Sand Hill cranes, turkey, the bandits and of course the deer.

Oldage from Central, Fl.
July 3, 2014

One Tough Feeder
I bought the Boss Buck 200 lb. feeder this winter to help the deer on my property get through the tough winter we had. It worked great and the deer loved it. Little did I know that in the spring when the black bears came out of hibernation they would also love it. Not only did the feeder work great, it survived numerous bear attacks and came out unscathed! It was even tough enough to support the weight of a bear when it decided to climb it (see pictures). I highly recommend these feeders and I will be buying the 350 lb. for next winter.

Jutty in Pennsylvania
July 1, 2014

Great Feeder!
If you need a lightweight, but HIGH capacity feeder look no further. You found it with Boss Buck. High density plastic is extremely durable and has caught my attention as an AWESOME box stand as well! A++ feeder. I highly recommend boss buck products!

June 30, 2014

Great Feeder
I purchased a 350 pound feeder along with shark teeth and varmint funnels it was the first protein feeder I purchased it is fool proof easy to fill low maintenance well-constructed will purchase another for corn feeder this year

mlkey52 in East Texas
June 28, 2014

Great products!
I have four of these feeders and they are great. Very easy to assemble and sturdy made. We are using them to supplement protein during antler growing season. According to the trail cam photosit took no time for the deer to get used to the system. Boss Buck has super service. I ordered accessories directly from the company on the 19th and they were on my porch the 21st. Thanks Boss Buck!!!

bowaholic69 in Oklahoma
June 21, 2014

Advantages: light weight, easy to assemble & set up, constructed to keep feed dry

"Boss Buck feeders are the best we have found - changed to the Boss Buck gravity feeder heads on our existing feeders, installed the shark's teeth to help deter the raccoons, and now have ordered larger Boss Buck feeders to increase our ability to provide nutrition to the deer. The gravity feeder heads are constructed so that they keep out most rain/moisture. The Boss Buck products are quality all the way! We will definitely be purchasing more of these in the future and highly recommend them."


June 19, 2014

Best Feeder EVER!!
I bough this feeder because I wanted to buy the very best and not have to replace one due to poor quality and design a couple of years later. After doing much research I found that the Boss Buck Feeder fit the bill. Putting the feeder together was a snap and the roto-molded feeder is super strong and super tough and it looks like it can handle the harsh environments that mother nature can dish out

June 19, 2014

Awesome Product
We started with Boss Buck by ordering the gravity feeder heads for our existing feeders and are impressed with the quality - keeps even protein type feeds dry and available for the deer. When some friends asked us what was the best feeder to get we told them it was the Boss Buck and they ordered the 200 lb feeder. We decided to up our game and ordered 2 of the 600lb feeders. The quality of these feeders it top shelf, they are light weight and easy to assemble and set up. If you want the best, get a Boss Buck


June 19, 2014

Great Product and customer service!
Boss Buck customer service was great, they directed me to Cabela's and saved me some money. The feeder is TOP NOTCH as well!


June 13, 2014

High-Quality Feeder
My dad used to tell me "Son, a cheap tool is an expensive tool" because you'll have to keep replacing it. Nowhere is this more true than with deer feeders. I ignored my dad's advice and bought several of the cheap feeders. They didn't last a year. This Boss Buck feeder is worth every penny. You can tell from the time it arrives that it's high-quality. Boss Buck has thought of everything to keep the critters out of the food and off your feeder. And you won't have to replace it for years. Highly recommend.


June 12, 2014

By far the best feeder I have purchased to date.


Ward49 in Tennessee
May 20, 2014

This a perfect feeder for a small hunting area. Very durable and great design. Easy to assemble. I like the adjustable legs even though they are not solid like the heavier models, but they do just fine. I would recommend buying the standard feeder feet from Boss Buck. They do help from sinking. Great purchase for any do it yourself feeder makers out there. No corn or feed wasted here. This design keeps the moisture out. You can't beat the price.


BullFrog18 in Ohio
May 6, 2014

I purchased a 600 lb. Boss Buck feeder 3 years ago. The components are built to last and the customer service is outstanding. Yes, they may be more expensive than some but the old saying " you get what you pay for " couldn't be more true in describing the Boss Buck products. I highly recommend their feeders to anyone considering the purchase of a deer feeder.


May 4, 2014

Best protein feeder period.
Quality is unmatched. I've owned other feeders but they don't compare.


Huskermatt in Nebraska
April 10, 2014

I have used different feeders in the past and Boss Buck Feeders are the best! These feeders are easy to use and are great quality! I recommend everyone to buy one of these feeders!


April 10, 2014

I have used the Boss Buck 350 Feeder with the solar battery charger suspended from the available tripod for 3 years in Florida. I would recommend installing the round varmint cage for raccoon control. They are easy to fill standing on the ground by lowering with the tripod wench. We feed whole corn and love these feeders.


docdeer in Florida
March 27, 2014

I have been using Boss Buck products for a couple years here in Ohio. This year I decided I wanted to offer free choice protein. I was very excited to see that Boss Buck was now offering a COMBO. You can't beat this deal! Gravity feed protein hopper AND an automatic feeder to use for corn in the fall and winter! I purchased three of these feeders and am already pleased with how easy they are to assemble and user friendly they are!


JHIED in Ohio
March 27, 2014

Just received My 200 lb feeder from Cabelas. I did a quick unboxing to check for any damage (as I do with any large item shipped to me) . I am Very pleased with this feeder , appears to be very well made and high quality. Best of all MADE IN USA , Can't wait to try it out !.

FreshGetter in Virginia
March 22, 2014

We currently have two of the 350# protein feeders in use for over two years. They are a solid product with no issues at all. We have another brand of steel feeder and the Boss Buck is a better feeder hands down. No rust as they're plastic and it never clogs up. It's the only protein feeder I'll buy.


MSbowhntr in Mississippi
March 6, 2014

The Boss protein feeder is designed very well for two reasons one gravity feed protein an second you can attach your spin feeder after winter feeding your protein then convert to corn so really you are paying for two feeders if they wouldn't have designed this way I would not have purchased it costly for just a protein feeder.


March 5, 2014

Over several years I have purchased two of these. One I used with a crank and another pulley to lower and raise a 55 gallon metal drum that I put a Boss Buck feeder mechanism on to make a feeder with, and the second I put on the top of 3 12 ft. pieces of drill rod to make a hoist to pull deer and hogs up for cleaning and skinning. Even when someone pulled it over one time, the heavy weight of the elevated piece of drill stem did not bend or break any of the welds.


Bowhunter1439 in Frisco, TX
March 5, 2014

Boss Buck feeders are trully the best feeders on the market. Iwould recommend this feeder by boss buck not only u get protein feeder but u get the automatic timer feeder. Thanks to Cabelas and Boss Bucks customer service they provided me with professionalism and excellent customer service in making this purchase. if u want a awesome feeder i would recommend the Boss Buck. Best feeders on the market.

Bryan Steinbacher in Pennsdale, PA
March 4, 2014

Am definitely gonna purchase another. These feeders are truely the best feeders on the market. Recently called boss buck about their feeders and they truly have the best customer service like Cabela's. They truly know their products and are very professional when talking to. So i highly recommend this product and deserves a 5 star. They work very well u wont be unhappy. So If ur looking for a high quality feeder, then "Buy a Boss Buck"

Bryan Steinbacher in Pennsdale, PA
February 25, 2014

I am a dealer and an owner of the Boss Buck products. I am located in north central ND. I would like to say how happy I am with this product. We recently had a winter storm up here that had 70 mph winds which created -60 to -70 degree temperatures. I have a few blinds and feeders set up on my lot for customers to view. I was a little worried about them after the storm so I went to check on them and I was very happy with the outcome. Only one feeder blew over in the wind and one of the doors on the blind blew open because I leave it unlocked for customers. I thought with the cold temp the feeder would have been cracked or something broke on it but to my suprise not even a scratch. I would recommend this brand and products to anyone.

Alex at Two Guys Sport Shack in Bonttineau, ND
January 23, 2014

"Hey fellow hunters guys and gals. You can't go wrong with putting this Boss Buck Drum Mount Feeder and the Boss Buck Varmint / Raccoon Guard Cage together. No more damaged feeders !"


By Leach from Southeast Missouri

October 21, 2013

This feeder is worth every cent! If you are looking for a very sturdy feeder yet light enough to move if needed, this Boss Buck feeder is it! Keeps your feed dry under all weather conditions. One of the best on the market. You wont be dissapointed

By Leach

By Deerfindr from Pennsylvania

September 11, 2013

I have been using BossBuck #350 protein feeders for over five years in South Texas. These feeders are made of the highest quality material and are built to last. These feeders have out-lasted numerous other feeders through the harsh weather and hungry game. I feed protein pellets, soy beans, and corn during most of the year. I really enjoy the functionality of these feeders. They allow deer to feed out of the gravity tube freely, while protecting grain from the weather. The feeder is easy to refill without a ladder or truck to stand on, and does not require any tools. The last thing I would like to comment on is the quality of service the people at BossBuck provide to their customers. They are willing to go above and beyond your expectations to satisfy the customer. I dunno, maybe they really believe in their feeders. I do!

By VHClub from Texas

October 10, 2013

"I recently purchased two Boss Buck Steel 55-Gallon Drum Funnels as part of a game feeder construction project for our hunting club. Normally I would just purchase a complete kit, but I decited to utilize some parts that I already had to save some money. I would have expected to do some adjusting to make the funnels fit the drum, however none was needed. The funnels fit perfectly inside alligning with the center cut hole to the controller spinner plate. Great Product. I will continue to use Boss Buck Products, for future Game Feeder Assemblies."


By Jackets15 from McDavid, FL

September 3, 2013

Just got my feeder and have it up. Very impressed. Hoping to cut down on feeding coons and having to make so many trips to fill compared to the flat out feeders we have been using.......

Ronald Law

March 30, 2013

Just wanted to take a minute to tell you that I love your Feeders! I have used them for 2 years and I am a buyer for life! Thanks for making a great product!! I will never buy another brand. Yours is the best on the market no doubt.

Cameron West

January 25, 2013

I greatly appreciate your generiosity and production of high quality products and service! Once again, BossBuck has well exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much.

George M. Doubleday

August 27, 2012

My deer pound the feed out of my Boss Buck Feeder and seems they get a little protective over who eats first! I really love those feeders man. Bar none, best feeder on the market. With EHD setting in heavy in Iowa, we need to feed our deer in this drought best we can.

Chase Rohlfsen - August 14, 2012

Wow, the March Special on the 12v Kit is great. I'm an old fan of the addage,"if it aint broke, don't fix it." I wish my other feeder motors were all broke! I bought my first Boss Buck feeder out of necessity. We do not have any sporting goods stores in the part of East Texas where I live. One of my feeders at my deer lease went out. It was from another manufacturer. I found the Boss Buck Feeder at a local feed store and picked it up to replace the worn out unit. The is the best feeder I have ever owned. When I saw the March Special, I snapped one up. Even with taxes and shipping, you cannot beat this price with comparable quality and workmanship. Way to go Boss Buck!!

Steven S. - March 20, 2012

While transporting the feeder to my ranch I did not secure the feeding attachment. I figured it would not fly away. Well a few miles into the trip the feeder attachment flew off the back of my truck while doing 60 MPH. I saw it take a few tumbles and finally skidding to a stop. After retrieving it from the middle of the highway it showed just a few signs of scraping (something that was expected). After inspection I found no breaks or tears. I expect the whole unit to last a long time when properly installed. Good to find a product so well made. Unit was very easy to install, major kudos for pre-installing all the hardware. As an engineer I appreciate a product that is almost fool proof and has very little chance of loosing hardware or using the wrong size bolt in the wrong location. Very well done!!!!!

Gilbert V. - Jan. 2, 2012

Congrads. I think your products are great. I talk to you one day at your warehouse as you were headed to Oklahoma to bow hunt. You seem like a really great and honest guy. I wish you and your business nothing but the best.

LaFrance George, Little Old Customer - December 6, 2011

Just wanted to thank you guys for providing a great feeder. I live in south Florida, and hunt on a lease located in central Florida. Have had a lot of fun, and success learning, and harvesting deer, because of your feeder.

Hector Anduiza - November 23, 2011

My wife and I purchased one of your feeder fillers from Livengood Feeds in San Antonio TX, and man do we love it. It took a while for us to get it down, but once we did it was great. We filled our feeders in about 10 min. Thanks for a great product.

Chavel & Susan Silva Silva Ranch Rocksprings, Edwards County Tx - October 19, 2011

I was in SE Kansas at my farm this past weekend filling feeders and hanging ladder stands for the Oct 1 & 2nd weekend. I ordered your varmit cage and your solar recharger for my 350 lb Big Boss Feeder. I was impressed with the ease of installation of both of these products. Thanks for making such a high quality product. I definitely will be in the Market for another one of your feeders next year.

Tim Brinkmann - September 20, 2011

I have some pretty amazing pictures of my boss buck protein feeder as a wildfire raged around it. The feeder doesn?t show any signs of damage at all.

Nathan Paden - May 12, 2011

Never worry about your feeders not going off, with BossBuck I stay totally confident year round. Thanks BossBuck.

Paul Biggs - April 22, 2011

Just wanted to let you know I received my 1200# Boss Buck feeders just fine and delivered on time while we were in Kentucky. I really like the quality and we are going to try them out for a couple of months but I am sure we will order more. Just wanted to drop a note to all those who were involved in the order and shipping process and say "Thanks". As a business owner you never hear that enough. You usually just hear the bad.

Jeff - March 16, 2011

The Boss Buck Tripod Header II was exactly what I had been searching for to use for a non-deer related project. Unfornuately, I couldn't find any online sources who had it in stock, and I had started looking for someone to fabricate one for me when I decided to take a chance and contact the folks at Boss Buck directly. I heard back from Tom the same day, and he directed me to a distributor whom he believed had some in stock (and they did!). This distributor does not even have a website, so there is no way I would have found them on my own. So hats off to Tom and Boss Buck for going the extra mile to make a customer's life a little easier! Great to see there are still people willing to look out for each other these days instead of the typical "it's not my problem" or "it's not my job" response...Thanks Again!

K.H., Maryland - April 7, 2011

My order came yesterday and I installed one of the motors on a Cabela's EZ Load Feeder. It dropped right in and runs stronger than the original motor. Thanks again.

Harold Hutchinson

A friend of mine from Corpus Christi said he had ordered some thing from you guys & that I should check out your products. Happy I did.

Fransisco Tijerina

I purchased 3 control systems from Bishop's in Moultrie, Ga.? I am very pleased with them. They out perform other feeder systems that I have used and currently have. I have told friends about your site and they have ordered control systems also.

Rick Hathcock

We have been using the 350lb deer feeders and have had great success with them. They always work and have had nothing go wrong with them. Easy to fill, very stable and long battery life. Thanks for a great product.

Ty Biggs, Own The Zone Tv - January 31, 2011

The only thing better than your feeder is the Shark Teeth. They have eliminated?our coon problem. I am running feeders without critter guards and having no problems. Before that we were using 12 volt motors and trying to throw corn through small openings and it all wound up at the bottom of the feeder so the deer could eat it all in 5 minutes or less an move on. Now we can scatter it over a large area, it becomes like a treasure hunt.

Rodney House - April 29, 2010

Great feeder! Best gravity feeder I've ever used. Easy set up, it keeps feed dry which is very important when feeding pellets and the deer take to them really quick. Would be nice to have a sight glass on the 1200's to tell how much feed is in them and that feeder filler is awesome but will shock the crap out of you if your not careful. Thanks for making a great product!

George Henry

I'm really impressed with the fast service. I'll be a repeat customer. Thanks again!!

Clair Masters

Love your product-easy to put together, easy to put feed in hopper, easy to adjust feed cycle, genius product!!!!


Thanks for standing behind your product. Often time companies more or less disowned the purchaser after the product is in the consumers hands. It is great to know that your Co. has not forgotten the buyer. Thanks again!

John Sharp

Prior to your product we used bunker feeders for our deer & elk. Your product has proven to be very effective in not wasting the feed, we're very happy & would recommend it to others.

Rich Haebler

I put together a winch lift feeder a couple of years ago using all Boss Buck parts and a 55 gallon drum.? The only damage to it so far has been where raccoons crawled up a leg and bent my solar charger.? I had to weld a small diameter round stock cage?and put?chicken wire around it to stop that problem.? Other than that, your system is still working great.? I have fixed the raccoon problem with this new feeder I just bought with your Shark Teeth.? I used half of the package on that feeder and this weekend, I'll fix the other one.? Thanks to who ever invented that idea.

Bob Powell

I just wanted to tell you guys that this product is great. It is every?thing I hoped for and very heavy duty. You guys really helped me with all? my questions and shipped the product on time. I have dealt with a lot of internet sites and for once I found very honest people. I will tell? everyone I know about these products. Thank you.


Just a quick thank you for your awesome feeders. I recently?bought three of your deluxe 1200lb models for my Kansas farm.?As with almost any product these days, I was skeptical about?whether or not?I would like them and how well they would work. When I erected them and put them together, I was simply delighted with the quality and attention to detail in the feeders. Nothing was missing in the packaging, everything fit, and the spinner was the best thought-out unit I have ever seen. I did put a dab of silicone around where the solar wires went into the units, but that was easy.?I was just amazed at the quality of these feeders and that I didn't have to fix, modify, weld, bondo, or duct tape anything on the product!?That is a rarity these days, even with the most expensive things we expect to be top-quality. The feeders have been out for several months now and I feed a corn/protein pellet mixture twice a day.? The turkeys and deer can't get enough.? I fill them with a grain cart behind my tractor, which makes it very easy on my back!? Though I don't hunt over the feeders, I keep cameras out and have stands in the areas on trails and scrape lines. Last Tue morning, I had the buck in these pics at 30 yards right after these pics were taken.?I was at full draw twice but couldn't shoot because of small twigs.?He's the biggest buck I have seen in the two years I've had that farm and I had never seen him before that morning.? I actually thought he was just working scrapes and had no idea he had been at the feeder until later that day when I checked my memory cards!? Most hard-core buck hunters don't believe feeders will attract these kinds of trophies in the wild. I was actually completely amazed myself!

Thanks again, and I will be spreading the word about your great products.

Lance Nichols

I bought two setups in 2008. Ran them both all season. Found them very easy to setup (my 11 yr old grandson and I did it all). Take down was very easy when I changed leases in 2009. Never had any wet feed. Units withstood some seriously heavy winds just fine. Coons tried to destroy it but failed. They are both running well in 2009. Using a corn/soy bean mix and it works great. I find 7 seconds in AM and again in PM works just fine. That way, I only reload about once per month. The winch lowering/raising feature is a real plus. Charger units worked very well. Never had to charge the batteries even though one was in complete shade. Just pointed them south. One timer crashed and Boss Buck replaced it immediately.

Ronald Rundt

This has got to be the coolest product made for people like me who make their own biodiesel! I sincerely congratulate you for making these items for us out here and of such high quality. Thank you very, very much!


I live in Nacogdoches, Texas and 3 years ago I shot and killed my biggest deer ever. He scored 165 B&C, 11 points and 2 drop tines, thanks to your feeders. 4 years ago I bought 3, 1200# Deluxe Non-Typical Feeders and 2, 350# Protein Non-Typical feeders. These are the BEST I have ever used. All I do is fill them up and go hunting. I feed year around, so I fill these feeders up 2 times a year. Unlike most feeders, you have to fill them up at least 4 or 5 times year and check to see if they're working. I'm a hunter, so this saves me time and I don't leave my scent hanging around. Come hunting season this will be the 5th year, I may have to buy new batteries but that's it. I will only buy Boss Buck Feeders!

Scott Willis

I ordered 6 batteries online yesterday.? They showed up today, and my last order was just as quick. I am very impressed with your service, and will order everything I need from your company in the future.


I wanted to pass along the good news about the Boss Buck timer/ motor. Took a good ten pointer this weekend. This is my second deer and second buck since I stared hunting seriously in January 08., 125 yards, Uvalde county, 300 winmag, Winchester XP3 150 grain. ?He went 15 yards after the shot. The only way I get a shot at this buck is due to the Boss Buck being consistent and doing it's job- thank you.

While most of my buddies are tinkering and fixing their timers/motors trying to get theirs to work properly, my Boss Buck just keeps spinning and throwing. We even had a coon crawl in behind the varmint cage and?got stuck.?That's right a coon was inside the varmint cage with the Boss Buck motor spinning out 3.5 lbs of corn twice a day for ?for god only knows how long. When my buddies went to fill my feeder they opted to let him go and not make a mess?in the food pen.?Timer, motor and solar panel are all running fine. I bet that coon's face is pretty beaten up from having corn shot at him at 20 -30 mph at 1 inch. Thank you for producing such a good dependable product. I have given my buddies the Boss Buck info and a recommendation. We are heading back in two weeks for the Rut.

All the best, W3

My name is Ben. Your Boss Buck Timer is not fully described. This is an outstanding timer. It is very user friendly, but?your add doesn't say anything about it being a seven day feeder. Florida law says?a feeder has to be setup for six months?before you can hunt over it. I have mine set up year round for 1 second every other day. I'm legal !!! I change it about 2 weeks before archery season. I have steered alot of people to your website and you should know that the feeders I build from Boss Buck are outstanding. I have tried others ( Game Country, Ontime, American Hunter?and Moultrie) and I always had trouble. They get clogged, or the battery is dead or I need a professor to program the darn thing. I will soon be trying to LEASE them to hunters year round. I'll buy corn and soybeans in bulk and maintain them so that rich doctors and lawyers who don't want the aggravation can hire me. Then I will be buying from you in bulk also.


Our Boss Buck Protein feeders have been great. The polyethylene containers are wonderful, you do not have to worry about them rusting out like some feeders, and they are extremely tough. One of our places currently has cattle.?We put pens around the feeders to keep cattle out, and of course cows will still find a way to tear down a fence and get to the feeders. That is exactly what happened to us last month. Cows destroyed the fence, and managed to turn over one of our Boss Buck protein feeders. Keep in mind this?feeder was full of protein, and staked down with t-posts.?You could tell from the mud, it took a beating. However, other than being a little dirty there was nothing wrong with the feeder, and because of the latch system that Boss Buck Feeders have the feed did not spill. We lost a little feed through the 3-way feeding tubes, but for the most part the feeder was still full. Most feeders would have dumped the entire 250 pounds of feed out on to the ground, but the latching lid saved us some feed and money.

Trent de Leon

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help with my purchases, never before has it been so easy to deal with a company over the internet. I am so impressed with the service that I have received from you that I have told all my friends and highly recommended your site to purchase items from.


Great products lightning quick delivery on the day i sent e mail asking about tracking # I received the goods. THANK YOU!

Raccoons are a major problem for hunters. In South Texas...as in other places...it's a constant battle. Thanks for your product (Shark Teeth).

Rick Rodriguez
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