Motor Trouble Shooting


If you are having issues with getting your motor to fire up, try the following steps.

1) Turn the spinner by hand. If motor shaft turns try step 2.
2) Make sure you have a fully charged power source (connect your timer to a charged battery) top right hand corner of timer will show the battery life indicator. The indicator should show 6V or 12V depending on your battery. (If running a 12V system you want to make sure the indicator says 12V) If indicator shows 6V, a 12V motor will not run.

If the motor shaft will not turn the motor is stuck. Do not leave the system outdoors year round unless the motor battery and timer are left operational. Water and ice will corrode non moving parts overt time. Making sure it stays running prolongs the life of your motor.


Boss Buck Simple Set Timers


Our timers work with both 6v and 12v power sources. The battery life indicator on the timer shows 6v or 12v on the LED screen. If the battery power drops to 6v the timer LED indicator can show FULL, but it is 6v not 12v. The 12v motor will not turn with only 6v of power. Replace your battery with a hot 12v battery and press the test button. If the unit is functioning properly your motor will spin and your LED indicator will now read 12v. We recommend using a Solar Panel on your battery. In extreme cold conditions the battery can lose charge even with the solar panel connected. Make sure Solar Panel is kept as clean as possible for optimum charging capability.


Can you reset the Simple Set Timer?


Under the Program Button on the Deer Feeder Timer there is a small hole/button that is your RESET BUTTON. Timers are electronics and subject to occasional glitches due to electrical surges or an absence of electric power. Environmental issues also have an effect on electronics. Extreme cold and hot temperatures can cause electronics to temporarily malfunction. When the ambient temperature is not extreme, plug timer into an appropriate power source/battery. Depress the RESET BUTTON with a pin, tooth pick, or other pointed object that will fit the hole/button for 5 seconds. Allow the timer to re-boot to its original programming. Reset the programmed times you want it to feed and test it for its full range of functions again. In most instances, you will find that this will allow the Deer Feeder Timer to resume normal operating functions.


What can cause my feeder control box to rust?


Feeding any salt based mineral supplements, such as Big Tine 30-06 mineral blend, will corrode and rust your feeder control box more rapidly than using corn, protein or other non-salt based feeds. Using any salt based feed material through a Boss Buck control system will void the parts warranty. Also, moisture can cause your control box to rust over a much longer period of time.


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